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Rick and the Unihorn

One day a unicorn was on his smoke break when he said to his friend, a leprechaun, “Why am I called a ‘unicorn’?” The leprechaun took a puff from his cigarette. “What?” “Why am I called a ‘unicorn’?” he repeated. … Continue reading

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A Debate with a Man Who is Just Realizing that He is on Fire

Me: Is it really such a big deal that people immigrate into the country illegally? I wonder. What is a country, after all, but a vast group of like-minded individuals coexisting in a single social structure? Should being born within … Continue reading

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20 Scourges of the Earth

A scourge is something that causes misery or death. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and they vacillate between levels of intensity, or “scourginess” — i.e., one person’s Newt Gingrich is another person’s Black Plague (although … Continue reading

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