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Things to Do if You’re Bored

A book you can read: The Sound and the Fury A movie you can see: Children of Men A game you can play: Mega Man 2 An album you can listen to: OK Computer A show you can watch: Breaking … Continue reading

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“4 Police Reports from the Legend of Zelda” Published in Dorkly

I wrote a little article for the Collegehumor-affiliated video game website, which you can find here. It documents a few of Link’s many criminal acts. Check it out.

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Invincibility Potion

A criminal was on death row for twelve years, when finally it was decided that he should be executed. The Warden came in and asked what he wanted for his last meal. “Invincibility potion,” said the convict. The Warden shot … Continue reading

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“The Monkey’s Hand” Published on The Short Humour Site

My flash story, “The Monkey’s Hand: A Fable,” has been published on The Short Humour Site. Read it here. And I’ve added a new Publications page, so people can keep track of all the malevolence I spread throughout the world … Continue reading

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14 Additional Scourges of the Earth

Since the first scourge list only covered a tiny fraction of the total scourges out there, I feel it’s my duty to follow up with more of what is terrible about the world. You’re welcome. [True fact: I merely pressed … Continue reading

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