An update ten months after the one that promised a new update every week

I’m nothing but a dirty liar. Maybe not nothing but a dirty liar. I’m a decent cook, and I get along well with others. I’m nothing but an amiable, fairly kitchen-savvy, no-good dirty liar.

Why so long since my last post? Well, according to an old Confucian saying, “Life is full of events that keeps you from posting on blogs no one reads.” These words are as true today as they were last week. Although they weren’t as true in Confucius’s time. Everyone around him kind of wondered what the hell he was talking about. “Why would we want to post on logs?” they kept asking, and he responded, “I wasn’t talking to you. Stop writing down everything I say.” But they never listened. “You’re not the boss of us. We’ll write down whoever’s words of wisdom we want to write down, tough guy.” The point is, life, man. Wow. Dude. Life. Jeez.

I’m almost done with my second book. I’m so super serious about this. It’s like thirteen espressos away from being a finished product, and then I can prove to you naysayers that yes, I still do write stuff, and no, it’s not just the word “Book” 80,000 times. I mean, why would you even suggest that.

Meanwhile, I have something new to add to the Publications page:

PeopleofFewWordsThe short story I published last year called “The Monkey’s Hand: A Fable” has been included in this print anthology from The Short Humour Site. It’s a great collection, and not just because my picture is on the cover. In fact, some people say that’s not even one of the main selling points. I’m not sure I would go that far. Remember, it’s all just words until somebody gets hurt. Anyway, it can be purchased here for around six bucks. Six bucks for fifty stories. That’s, like, a dollar a story. What a deal!

That’s all I have to say for now. I guess I’ll post again “when the time is right.” Or “when you least expect it.” Or when I “get off my ass.” One of those.


About Chris Haygood

Chris Haygood is an author of novels, short stories, and screenplays. He lives in one of the darker sectors of the cosmos with his wife, two kids, and 1700 dogs.
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  1. Robin Wood says:


    Meddle Ye Not In The Affairs Of Wizards For Thou Art Crunchy And Good With Ketchup.

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