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Martin Bashir says what we all think about Sarah Palin, loses job over it

This shit right here. You want to see violations of free speech? They’re nowhere more abundant than in our media, perfectly designed to keep any real talk from reaching the ears of the effortlessly-herded masses. The story: Sarah Palin, the … Continue reading

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Quvenzhane Wallis to the Onion: “Don’t call me a c*nt, sh*td*cks”

After an overwhelming backlash, the Onion released an apology on Monday for a tweet calling 9-year old actress Quvenzhane Wallis, who was nominated for Best Actress at the 85th annual Academy Awards Sunday, a “cunt.” The redress called the tweet … Continue reading

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A Few Things

In my last update, I mentioned that I was working on a number of different types of projects. One of these projects deals with video game writing. After all, if there’s anything I like more than disintegrating zombies in Fallout … Continue reading

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Australia, and Other Bad Ideas

Meanwhile, as Japan is still afflicted with various crises as a result of its endless natural disasters, Australia continues to be a natural disaster in itself — or, if not a disaster, the world’s most buzzkilliest country behind Uzbekistan — … Continue reading

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If you watch TV you might have noticed that Japan has just gone through something of an issue. An incident. A snag. Namely, the largest recorded earthquake in the history of the country. [Note: this post promises to be both self-serving … Continue reading

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